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T. V. Padma's first work of historical fiction, The Forbidden Temple, , is a set of short stories set in India's past. The book required intensive research, and took ten years to complete. Although it is set in the past, some of the stories were inspired by her own life experiences: watching her brothers play polo, and listening to her parents speak about the horror and glory of India's nonviolent freedom struggle.

T. V. Padma's rigorous training in advanced science and mathematics, combined with her vivid imagination and love of literature, enable her to enjoy writing nonfiction. She completed a collection of mathematical folktales suitable for middle school children, entitled Mathematwist: Number Tales from Around the World, which was published by Tulika in Spring 2007.

Inspired by the interest that The Forbidden Temple and Mathematwist: Number Tales from Around the World generated in school teachers, Padma completed teacher's guides that parents and teachers can use.

T. V. Padma has just finished the exciting science mystery about Philip Currie's hunt for a forgotten dinosaur graveyard filled with skeletons of the fierce Albertosaurus. This book, The Albertosaurus Mystery: Philip Currie's Hunt in the Badlands, was published in August 2006, by Bearport Publishing Company. She has also written 18 animal stories: books about biomes and the animal kingdom for young children in elementary school.

Padma Venkatraman (T. V. Padma) loves writing for children, and has never outgrown her love of juvenile literature. She frequently encounters adults who think writing for children is easy; in fact, she considers it extremely difficult. In her opinion, children's writers must value what they are doing, and realize its importance. They must fulfill their responsibility to produce high quality books that will enthrall young readers and instill in them a love for literature.

... a delightful collection that must grace the bookshelf of every child ...
Uma Girish
Indian review of Books
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