Booksellers and Librarians

If you are a bookseller or librarian, you may invite Padma Venkatraman to an author event at any time. However, here are some possibilities that might be of particular interest:

  • Combine a discussion of Climbing the Stairs with Peace Day, Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King Day, or National Poetry Week
  • Combine a reading from Climbing the Stairs and Double Stars: The Story of Caroline Herschel, with Women's History Month
  • Combine a reading from The Forbidden Temple with craft activities during Diwali (The Hindu Festival of Light) in October or November
  • Or Invite the author to read from her work during National Reading Month...

The presentation page describes potential interactive reading sessions in detail. These can be combined with activities appropriate for any age group - pre-school through adult!

  • Craft activities (drawing kolams)
  • Cookery (spicy yoghurt and mango milkshake)
  • Becoming a scientist (or careers in ocean science)
  • Discussions on
    • Peace and Nonviolence
    • World War II (particularly India's participation)
    • Oceanography
    • Hinduism
    • Indian history
    • Women in Science
    • Judaism in India
  • Workshops on
    • Technical Writing
    • Creative Writing

If you invite Padma Venkatraman early enough in advance of the event, she is happy to help with promotion and publicity by sending an electronic version of a press release that you may modify, electronic (or hard) copies of 2 - 4 full color posters advertising your organization's sponsorship of the event, and free bookmarks.

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